We also cater for the needs of local horse owners and offer services for horses of all shapes, sizes and abilities. We provide a 24 hour service for equine clients to ensure that you can obtain veterinary care at any time of day or night.

Lameness investigations

Lameness is a common problem and we have the experience and expertise needed to understand and resolve the problem. Examinations can be carried out at your yard or stables.


Many horses will experience some sort of dental issue at some point. Regular dental examinations are crucial and we’ll address any concerns that your horse may have with its teeth.

Health checks

If your horse is underperforming or appears off colour, we can investigate the the cause. In addition to lameness, there may be underlying internal problems such as stomach ulcers, liver disease, spinal issues or muscle soreness which we can identify and treat.


We’re here to provide horses suffering from abdominal pain with urgent and effective treatment. Both medial and surgical interventions are available and we’ll guide and advise you on the best options available.

Colt castrations

We can perform colt castrations and are happy to discuss with you the most appropriate method for your colt.

Other services include

– Faecal egg counts to tailor a worming regime

– Vaccinations

– Passports and microchipping

– DNA testing

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