Cattery & Kennels

Our separate cattery and kennel facilities have underfloor heating, are light and have excellent ventilation maximising the comfort of our patients. We also provide pheromone diffusers to help your pet feel more relaxed and secure during their stay with us.

In our cattery we provide ‘houses’ for cats to hide in, helping them to feel safe and secure. More often than not, however, we find cats sitting on top of their house enjoying the view!

Each patient is provided with a cosy vetbed, clean litter tray and fresh food and water as tailored to their individual needs.


Our kennels have large low-level walk-in kennels to accommodate for large breeds. Located above are our medium size kennels for smaller breeds to help them feel safe and secure.

Non-slip kennel mats help aged or ill patients to stand up, turn around and reposition themselves for that all important sleep needed to aid recovery.

Coming Soon!

We are currently in the process of having additional walk-in kennels built, it means alot of work for the builders but we are looking forward to providing these excellent new facilities in the near future!