We are fully equipped to perform a range of orthopaedic procedures in practice from fracture repairs to joint surgery. Our dedicated orthopaedic team, lead by practice partner Terry Girling, are keen to provide high quality care to our patients. Nurse Kelly Jones assists Terry with these procedures by ‘scrubbing in’ and providing an extra pair of steady hands. Nurse Stephanie Davis monitors patients during their anaesthetic, maintains the equipment and provides patient care throughout their stay at the surgery.

All patients requiring orthopaedic surgery will require an overnight stay in the surgery. Orthopaedic procedures are often lengthy and the anaesthetic time can be prolonged; we hospitalise our recovering patients to ensure they recover fully. We will provide them with high level pain relief throughout the night. The ‘on duty’ Vet will visit as often as required throughout the night to administer medication and to take them out to the toilet.

All orthopaedic procedures are discussed fully with a veterinary surgeon and we have a range of advice sheets available on request.

After any orthopaedic surgery physiotherapy is vital in enabling the patient to return to normal limb function. After all procedures, we recommend follow up care with our Chartered ACPAT Physiotherapist Kelly Dewsnip who will prescribe a rehabilitation plan suited to the individual needs for your pet.