Annual Health Inspections (Smallholders)

Dear Smallholder,

¬†It is a fact of life that poultry animals and sheep don’t see a Veterinary Surgeon very frequently. Some of you have flock health plans that advise on appropriate medical attention according to your needs. Part of our requirements as a practice, is maintaining records of medicines used by our clients.

We have recently had two inspections from our disciplinary body, which highlighted some areas where improvement is necessary, one of which is the supply of Prescription Only Medicines (POMs) to clients with animals under our care. The Law states that we are to attend each premise under our care at regular intervals in order to enable us to be aware of each individual management practice on farm, the acceptable time frame being at six monthly intervals.

At Girling and Bowditch, we have come to the conclusion that an annual visit by a Veterinary Surgeon would be sufficient to enable compliance with Regulations, and allow us to supply for general use, antibiotic injections, vaccines, sprays and wormers.

I hope this letter explains the necessity for such visits in order to maintain our licence to practice and dispense medicinies. Please call our reception team for further information if necessary, and to book a visit at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

 Matthew H B Bowditch MRCVS

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