We can help your sheep throughout the year…


Ewes can also be checked prior to tupping including body condition score, feet, teeth and udders.

We can scan your sheep from 30 days after the tup is removed to give an indication of how many lambs each ewe is carrying, allowing you to feed accordingly.

Throughout the lambing period we are available whether it be for phone advise or visits to help you no matter the size of your flock.

Problems during the lambing period affecting ewes could include twin lamb disease, prolapses, mastitis, difficulty giving birth/caesarian.


Potential problems in lambs around the lambing period could include hypothermia, watery mouth, naval/joint ill and scour.

Faecal worm egg counting throughout the year aids us to guide you in appropriate usage of wormers to decrease the chance of resistant worms becoming a problem on your farm.

Coccidiosis also causes scours in lambs, some types are harmful and others are not; they can be speciated to determine how dangerous they are to lambs. Please contact us should you need to ask about this.


Approximately 10 weeks before tupping we can assess the fertility of your ram. This includes checking body condition score, testicles, teeth and feet as well as collecting a semen sample. We can vasectomise rams to be used as teasers should you wish to syncronise.

Flock Health Plans

To aid you with the management of your flock we create flock health plans tailored to your farm’s individual needs.

For more information please contact us on 01308 862312

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