Honeysuckle Hill

Pet memorials can be a helpful and comforting way of remembering and commemorating the life of a pet that is no longer with you. Creating a memorial to your pet will serve as a lasting testament to the unique bond that was shared between you.

Create a pet memorial by writing a few words or a poem describing what your pet meant to you. You may like to include a favourite photograph if you wish. E-mail us your memorial and we will put it on the Honeysuckle Hill Remembrance Page for you.

Most of us who have pets have to part with them at some stage in their lives. This is never easy and sometimes it can help to talk to someone who understands. We at Girling and Bowditch offer emotional support and information for anyone experiencing the loss of a much-loved pet, whatever the circumstances.

You may find it helpful to read ‘Coping with the loss of your pet’; not only will it give you written support during this sad time but it also gives you advice about where you can find confidential help should you want to talk to someone other than Girling and Bowditch.