When your pet has passed…

We at Honeysuckle Veterinary Surgery understand how deeply distressing and sometimes traumatic the death of your pet can be for the loved ones around them. Our team of vets, nurses and receptionists will be very supportive of you and will take great care in listening to your individual needs as well as that of your pet.

Everyone is different in the way they grieve and cope during their time of loss; some people believe that when a pet has died the body and what happens to it does not matter. Other people wish to know how we will treat their pet’s body, where they will go, and what the options are after they have passed. Let us reassure you that you and your pet will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity throughout, which is important for a treasured member of your family, and will remain here at the surgery before being taken to the crematorium.

We have written below the many options available to you after your pet has passed; take your time to read through these options, remember there is no pressure or judgment about what choice you will make for your pet.

Burial at home

We can visit you at your home to put your pet to sleep in a familiar environment if you wish us to do so and leave your pet with you to bury them in your own time in a special place you have chosen for them. Alternatively you may wish to bring your pet into the surgery and take them home afterwards. We respect whichever choice you may make. Please be aware there are a few legal requirements you will need to take into consideration when burying your pet at home: they must be buried at a depth of 1.25m and be 3m away from a water source, main cables and service pipes.

Communal cremation

This type of cremation means that your pet will be cremated alongside several other pets after which their ashes will be scatted at the pet crematorium. Alternatively, our pet crematorium can provide you with a ‘token’ of ashes from your pet’s communal cremation if you wish to scatter them in a place of your choice

Individual cremation

Some people like to have solely their own pet’s ashes back to keep or scatter. During this type of service your pet will be cremated individually, guaranteeing only your own pet’s ashes will remain afterwards. With prior arrangement, our pet crematorium will also welcome you if you wish to attend the funeral of your pet.

Your pet’s ashes can be returned to you in a variety of ways depending upon whether you would like to scatter them or keep them, such as;

.           Urns made of slate and silver, china, or pewter and bronze, or contemporary urns turned in rubber tree wood.

.           Caskets made of natural or deluxe wood.

.           Tributes (in the shape of a dog or cat)

.           Tribute frame (a quality picture frame, with a discreet slim line ashes casket mounted behind)

We welcome you to see the crematorium where your pet will be taken and the services they can offer you: www.pcsonline.org.uk, alternatively you can call them on 01747 839809 to ask for a leaflet, they will also answer any questions you may wish to ask.

Pet Cemetery Burial

To some, the benefits of burying their pet at a cemetery means that they do not need to worry if they decide to move house as they will not be leaving their pet behind. It can also a place to visit at special times of the year whether that be a birthday or indeed an anniversary of any kind, or even if it is to simply say hello and have some private time to yourself.

There are many cemeteries in our area, and in fact all over the UK other than the crematorium we use, which can be found by looking on the internet, in the yellow pages, or asking your local council.

There is also a pet cemetery in Cornwall of a slightly different kind in that, if you wish to be buried alongside your pet, you can be. Penwith Pet Crematorium is able to hold funerals for dogs and cats, horses and humans alike. Please look at the lovely services they can offer at the following website: www.petsandpeopletogetherforever.co.uk Alternatively you can call them on 01736 731310 and they will be able to talk you though the variety of services they offer.

Taxidermy and freeze-drying

This intricate type of service will preserve your pet’s body in a way that it can be displayed. Please visit www.taxidermy.co.uk and they will provide you with the information you need on this service. There are also listed below some contact details for people who carry out this service. Please note that we do not make recommendations therefore do not accept any responsibility for any company you wish to employ.

Chris Elliott: 01823 733022 / 07788 971637 / info@taxidermist.uk.com

Philip Leggett: 01204 523622 / 07971 871054 / mailto:taxidermy-uk.net

James jackson: 0151 929 3413