Simply the Best




We miss you every day, our hearts and home are empty without you. Everyone who met you loved you.

Sleep well our beautiful zakkydog.

Love you always.

Dad, Mum, Jessie and Meatball xxx


Maisy (4/4/01 – 1/4/16) Black/White Sprocker

maisyFinal ‘goodbye’ on April 1st 2016 just 3 days short of her 15th birthday. A great loss to her ‘Gilbert’ family, and finding it very difficult to come to terms with the house and my life without her.

Thanking all at Girling & Bowditch for their care of Maisy.

Linda M. Gilbert (Mrs.)

Maggie (23/7/2008 – 8/3/2016)

Living without you is unbearable, you are so missed every day. You’re not here to greet me when I come home maggie photoanymore, my darling Maggie.
You were so brave and trusting right to the end, your body just gave up and you lost your fight.
I had you for just seven years, not very long at all, you were such a huge part of my life, you were so loved.
I would have done anything for you and I did, to keep you alive.
Special thanks to all the team at Girling for everything they did for Maggie especially Holly.
Maggie will still live on in our memories and will never be forgotten.
You were an amazing, loving dog, one of the best.
R.I.P. Maggie Moo, no more suffering now.

Jay (18/02/2001 – 20/07/2015)

jay picYou were our best friend and companion.

Always there to greet us and help us through our day.

We shall miss your love, your energy, devotion and mischievous ways.

The house and garden are now so empty without our Jay.

You have left a big hole in all our hearts.

The decision to let you go was so hard, but for the best.

So rest in peace Special One. XX


Darling Flossie it was such a joy to have you, just wish it could have been for much longer.
You gave us so much happiness.
Forever in our hearts. xxx

Taffy (1999 – 2015)

taffy 2

Twiglet (2015)

She was my best friend ‘Twiglet’ rest in peace my special dog’


Ginger (2015)

Ginger you came into our lives 19 years ago when you were just a few weeks old. Sadly you had to leave us 2 days ago. We are heartbroken but will cherish every moment we had with you. Miss and love you always Mum and Dad xx.

Ginger lazing on lawn

Flax; 1st October 2004 – 8th October 2014

Pawprints Left By You (Teri Harrison)


You no longer greet me,

As I walk through the door.

You’re not there to make me smile,

To make me laugh anymore.

Life seems quiet without you,

You were far more than a pet.

You were a family member, a friend

…. A loving soul I’ll never forget.

It will take time to heal –

For the silence to go away.

I still listen for you,

And miss you every day.

You were such a great companion,

Constant, loyal and true.

My heart will always wear,

The pawprints left by you.

(Dearly missed by Jane, Clive, Will, Hugh and Alice Chamberlain)