A rotten story about teeth!

As a veterinary profession we often see pets with teeth problems; this little dog came in with very bad breath and on closer inspection what we found was quite disturbing!

Every pet that comes in to us for a dental procedure has a full dental examination and a full set of dental xrays taken prior to surgery, the photos below are a small selection of xrays we took; you can clearly see that there are black gaps around the teeth in the first picture – some of these teeth were actually already falling out! In the second picture you can can see that the canine tooth is fractured, and also that there are already some teeth missing. In the last photo the large molar on the left side has an extra root (this means that the extraction will take longer than usual), and a remnant of tooth root can be seen between the large molar and the small peg tooth.

 tanzie teeth 1 tanzie teeth 2 tanzie teeth 3




















When examining the outside of the teeth we saw lots of tartar which we had to chip away in order to see what the surface of the teeth looked like underneath.


 chih mouth cropped left side chih mouth cropped right side









In this dog’s case, apart from the teeth that were already falling out, we had to extract all the other teeth that were left due to the severity of dental disease. For every dental procedure we perform we also complete a dental chart; the chart below is quite a reality check when you look at it closely – every X represents a tooth that has either fallen out or been extracted during the dental procedure, every tooth that is blocked out in red is already missing from the mouth.

 chihuahua dental graph

 This is quite an extreme case but it reminds us that brushing our pets’ teeth is vital if we want to help prevent future dental disease and unwanted anaesthetics and extractions. Brushing your pets’ teeth isn’t as hard as you may think; time, patience and the right ‘tools’ will all help. Our nurses are able to demonstrate how to brush your pets’ teeth. For a FREE nurse consultation simply call us on 01308 86212 and we will be more than happy to see you and your pet and help them to keep their award winning smiles!

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