Monty’s Story

Monty is a 7 year old cat whose owner brought him in to the surgery because he had noticed Monty was gagging when trying to eat and was concerned that he may have something stuck in his throat; a small amount of brown fluid coming from the nose had also been noticed.

In order to examine Monty thoroughly we would need to investigate using our endoscope which meant admitting Monty for the day and giving him a general anaesthetic.

Once Monty was full anaesthetised the Vet slowly introduced the endoscope into his nasal cavity and then his throat having a good look around to see if she could see any obvious foreign bodies. After some time the Vet saw the end of a blade of grass; this was retrieved by using a special pair of forceps which are threaded through the endoscope. Once these forceps have been threaded through they appear at the end of the endoscope, the Vet is then able to open and close them around the foreign body and remove it.

montys grass

Having had a good look around we discharged Monty home later that day with anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medication but asked the owner to monitor him closely as we couldn’t be sure there wouldn’t be anything else trapped somewhere we couldn’t see with the endoscope.

The following day the owner reported to us that Monty was still sneezing a little. This can be expected due to having the endoscope passed and causing some irritation to the tissues when we are looking around. It could also mean that there is something else causing an irritation that we couldn’t see before. Monty’s owner was happy to monitor him for a little longer and unbelievably after a succession of sneezes another piece of grass was produced from Monty’s nose!

Monty is now very happy and back to his old self.

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