Please be aware that all surgeries will be CLOSED on bank holiday Monday 28th August.

Please ensure you place any repeat prescription requests in plenty of time.

Should you have an emergency when we are closed please call 01308 862312.

Be prepared for warm weather and your dogs

The weather’s warming up, great for us but not so much for our dogs. Dogs are unable to cool down like we do and can easily overheat, which can be deadly. Its tempting to run them on the beach etc with us but it’s not ideal; take walks early morning before the temperature soars or late evening when it’s cooling off. NEVER leave your dog in a hot car it can take less than half an hour for them to succumb to heat – whatever the outside temperature it will be higher in the car even with the windows open.

If your dog overheats take them inside away from the heat, give them cool water to drink, help lower their temperature by applying cool water to their coats and call the Vet immediately for help. 01308 862312.

May Bank Holidays

Please be aware our surgeries will all be closed on Monday 1st May and Monday 29th May for the May bank holidays.

If you have an emergency during these closures please call us on 01308 862312.

NEW: Animal Poisons Line

As Easter approaches we’ll all be guarding our chocolate eggs very closely to prevent the dog eating it… however, some dogs are ultra clever and manage to succeed in their very own doggie Easter hunt! It’s not only Easter time or chocolate that we have to worry about with our pets though; many animals will seek out items in handbags, sift through the rubbish bin or dive on something an owner drops and catch it before it even hits the floor!

If your pet eats something, or even if you suspect your pet has eaten something, call the Animal Poison Line on 01202 509000 – they will tell you if you can sit back and relax or if you should call the vet.

It happens to many of us so please don’t feel embarrassed, we’ve seen lost of scenarios during our time as vets and nurses, many of us have been in the same situation with our own pets too. But we urge you to seek advice quickly, within two hours of eating the potential poison, even if you only suspect a poison has been eaten – the sooner we treat your pet the greater their chances of recovery.

If you would like further advice about the Animal Poison Line please call us on 01308 862312

Easter Opening Hours

Our three surgeries will be closed during the Easter holidays, apart from Beaminster which will be open on Saturday by appointment 8:30am – 12pm.

Opening hours for our surgeries can all be found on our ‘find a practice’ link on the website.

If you have an emergency when the surgeries are closed please call us on 01308 862312 for assistance.

If you think your pet has eaten something poisonous you can call the dedicated Animal Poisons line on 01202 509000 they will be able to tell you if your pet should be seen by a veterinary surgeon or if what they’ve eaten is harmless.