If your pet has lapsed their booster vaccinations due to the pandemic we will re-start them for the price of a booster, call us on 01308 862312 to make an appointment.

Preventing problems with parasites is also going to be better for our pets than treating them when they arise. Ask us about parasite treatments or for more information about our Pet Health Plan…

Most pet owners will worry if they see a lump or bump on their pet…

FREE VET CHECKS FOR PETS OVER 8 IN FEBRUARY! As vets, we tend to consider that cats and dogs become senior around the age of 8, but of course our pets are likely to age at different rates and may be affected differently by the ageing process.

FREE Weight Checks throughout January! Call to book today! Plus 10% off your first bag of Weight Control Pet Food! Read more…

Christmas is a time for celebration… not a time when you want an unexpected trip to the vets! It’s important to remember that Christmas can create additional hazards for our pets. So here’s some top tips to stay safe this Christmas.

Have you ever tried to clean you pet’s teeth? Well, It’s not exactly easy is it! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got cats, dogs, rabbits or any other type of pet – routing around in their mouth is likely to put your fingers at risk!

Our pets can’t understand what fireworks are about. To them, the loud noises and bright flashes are scary and unexpected and our pets often want to escape from what is a high-stress situation for them.

We hope you’ve been enjoying the Summer this year! The hot weather brings a few challenges when it comes to keeping our pets happy and healthy…and cool! But it’s also a great time to enjoy spending with our pets… and getting some photos of them too!

It’s Mobility Month during May and we’ll be helping to keep your pets on the move! Pets of all ages can benefit from a mobility check to make sure they keep on moving. That’s why we’re offering FREE Mobility Checks throughout May.