We are now able to offer laparoscopic (keyhole) bitch spays at our Beaminster surgery.

Keyhole surgery (or laparoscopic surgery) is regarded as the gold standard in many human surgical techniques due to:

  • faster recovery times,
  • less pain, and
  • less post operative infections and complications.

Keyhole surgery is a minimally invasive operating technique where a small camera is inserted through a small incision to view the internal structures. With our equipment we make two 1cm incisions through which the ovaries are visualised on a monitor, the blood vessels cauterised and the ovaries removed.

Usually buster collars (‘lampshades’) are not required and exercise is restricted to just 48 hours rather than the usual ten days after the traditional spaying technique.

Here’s what our clients think…

“Megan was raring to go from the morning after surgery. I would highly recommend this method over open surgery.”

Amazing, straight back to normal, almost as if you put a Duracell battery in! I would recommend to anyone.



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Please note that our laparoscopic (keyhole) bitch spays are only available for female dogs and may not be suitable for all dogs. We’re more than happy to discuss your dog’s specific needs so please contact us on 01308 862312 for more information.

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